Once located and reassembled, the piano can then be tuned. 


Within our service we offer a default equal temperament tuning, and if necessary, a pitch raise can be performed, first if the piano has not been tuned in a long period, or has fallen very flat. 


We will assess the condition of the strings and tuning pins, and if the piano requires work (in order for it to hold its tune), we will advise accordingly. 



NB - Many people ask whether they should let the piano settle before it is tuned. In most cases you do not need to let it settle. If the piano has been stored in a location with a vastly different temperature / humidity, (i.e. a damp, cold garage or cellar,) then yes I would recomend that it adjusts to its new climate. It is likely though that in this scenario the piano would have fallen flat, and that a pitch raise could be performed on it in any case. 




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