Our speciality.


Bespoke equipment is used to protect and move your piano. 


Uprights are moved on piano dollies, and not moved on its castors in any circumstances.


Grands are moved on bespoke sized piano skids, after having removed the lid, hinges, pedal lyre and legs. Components are then wrapped separately to ensure complete protection. 


Floors are protected with sheets and rugs. Careful attention is given to walls and skirting boards as not to damage them in the moving process.



Upright and Grands Up / Down Stairs:


Pianos have to be stripped of excess weight, floors covered and protected, pianos put on a "skid" and slid up or down the stairs.


NB - It is important that pianos (uprights) are not "carried" up or down stairs as the constant picking up and putting down will put excess stress on the frame and soundboard, and inevitably knock it out of tune. 




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